Our Mission:

AllFreeRecords.com (AFR) is an emerging web resource with a goal of offering users a one stop location to find the data they need in order to obtain federal, state, county and local documents under the Freedom of Information Act(s) [FOIA] and all applicable state and county statutes that make these records public. AFR also hopes to help users understand the different FOIA regulations as they are applied to the various governmental branches as well as facilitate ease of outreach wherever possible, not only by providing the appropriate contact information, but also by providing a guideline for contact wherever possible. Please keep in mind that this site is a work in process and continual upgrades and additions will occur over time.

It is our goal over the coming weeks and months to provide you with a comprehensive platform for finding the information you seek.  We hope to accomplish this by
(1) giving you clear and concise explanations of current freedom of information laws, which vary state to state,
(2) giving you all the contact information and information request procedural data that's available and,
(3) providing you searchable databases of transcribed records wherever possible - all from a single site.

While we do currently offer sponsored searches to help facilitate your info hunt and will continue to do so, future versions of this site will include free searchable databases for the various types of free data we are able to compile. This will be accomplished for the goal of providing users not only a single source for all the appropriate contact information and statutory explanation, but to also help facilitate whatever free searches we can. It is our mission to offer users the most comprehensive resource possible in this field- but this will take time, so please be patient and check back often!


Here at AFR we believe that getting the information you seek should be as easy and painless as possible, and we strive to facilitate as much as we can to that end. It's important for you to understand, however, that public records aren't always free; federal and state agencies have the right to charge patrons storage, handling, retrieval and delivery fees.  If there is an online resource for retrieving the official documentation, we will post a link to it for you here. You will likely be required to pay a fee for their service; please note that that has nothing to do with AFR and any complaints should be taken directly to them as the service provider.

There's a contact button at the bottom of the page, feel free to submit your comments and inquiries there- and remember that we will probably be getting a lot of mail so again, please be patient.  We will address your queries as soon as we can.