Glossary of words used in this site.

(Still working on it.......this page will grow as the vocabulary used in the site grows.)

Adoption record:  Voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as one's own child.  State laws on adoption vary. Adoptions can be conducted privately between individuals, between independent agencies and individuals, and between public agencies (such as a state's child protective services) and individuals.

Business contract:

Case Files:  These records consist of all the loose documents relating to the case, such as the copies of evidence, testimony, bonds, depositions, correspondence, and petitions. To request a case file the number given it for recording must be found in the docket, the minutes, or an index. Case files contain the most information for a family history researcher or genealogist.

Criminal record:


Divorce decree:

Dockets:  Dockets or court calendars are lists of cases heard by the court. These usually list the names of the parties involved, the date of the case, the case file number, and other documents related to the case. Dockets serve as a table of contents to the case files and may or may not be indexed.

Land contract:

Marriage record:

Minutes:  Court minutes are condensed daily accounts kept by the clerk of the court. These include the names of the plaintiff and defendant and a brief description of the action taken. These are not usually indexed.

Orders:  Court orders are specific judgments or orders made by the court. They usually include a brief description of the case and the outcome. Some court orders, such as  granting citizenship, appointing guardians, and re-recording of deeds to replace destroyed land records—are not found in any other court records.

Property record:

Sex crime:  rape (sexual assault), sexual contact, or lewdness

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)
The UCC, as it relates to lending, is a way for each state to have a consistent method of recording the security of a loan. When banks make secured loans, or loans with collateral (e.g., home mortgages), they file a UCC form with the state where the loan agreement is executed. This filing essentially makes the loan security, or collateral, a matter of public record.

Venue: In law, the place or county in which events take place which give rise to a legal action. When filing a lawsuit the correct venue must be used or the case will be dismissed.