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The Connecticut state court system dates all the way back to the 1630's and has changed significantly over the years to include the various branches and divisions that make up the current Connecticut Judicial branch of state government.  The most recent significant change occurred in 1982 with a state constitutional amendment to create the Appellate Court.

General Directory of Courts and Contacts

Types and structure of courts in Connecticut:

There are 4 types of courts in the state of Connecticut: Supreme, Appellate, Superior and Probate.  The Supreme is the court of last resort and it as well as the Appellate only hear cases via the record, oral arguments and briefings.  Neither court reviews cases by hearing witness testimony, and instead a panel of justices or judges base their findings on whether procedure and rules were followed during the regular trial.

The Superior courts are courts of general jurisdiction and are broken up into 4 trial divisions:  Criminal, Civil, Housing and Family (including Juvenile).  Superior courts are distributed throughout the state via 13 districts and cover 20 geographical territories.  there are 12 Juvenile districts.

Probate courts oversee cases pertaining to estates, trusts, adoption, custody, marriage, guardianship, divorce, the mentally ill and name changes.  Judges of the Probate courts are elected to 4 year terms and do not necessarily need to be or have been lawyers.  They are paid solely by the court fees.

Supreme Court

231 Capitol Avenue | Hartford CT 06106 | P: (860) 757-2200

Appellate Court

75 Elm Street | Hartford CT 06106 | Directory of Phone Numbers and Addresses (pdf)

Superior Court

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Office of the Probate Court Administrator | 186 Newington Road | West Hartford, CT 06110 | P: (860) 231-2442

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