Arkansas Court Records

The Arkansas State Judicial Branch and Court System is established in Title 16, Subtitle 2 of the Arkansas Code.  There are 5 types of State Courts and 2 Federal Courts- one each for the eastern and western federal districts.

Types and structure of courts in Arkansas:

The Arkansas Judicial Branch is comprised of 5 Court Systems: 

  • The Supreme Court- Highest court in the state; has Seven Justices, 6 Associate Justices and one Chief Justice.
  • Court of Appeals- 1 Chief Judge, 11 Judges- each elected to an 8 year term
  • Circuit Courts- 115 Circuit Judges, each elected circuit wide in one of 28 circuits for a six year term of office.
  • Criminal and civil jurisdiction
    Domestic Relations
    Jury trials
    Juv. Div./neglect
    Civil commitments delinquency
    Families in need of services (FINS)
  • District Courts- 130 courts, 113 judges elected to 4 year terms
  • Oversees minor Civil and Criminal Cases and Small Claims
  • City Courts- 118 courts, 97 judges
  • Oversees minor Civil and Criminal cases<

Arkansas State Supreme Court

The power and jurisdiction of the Arkansas Supreme Court is defined in Amendment 80 Section 2 of the Arkansas Constitution, which gives the court final appeal jurisdiction as well as administrative power over the other courts in the state, as well as to administer to the professional conduct of attorneys within the state. Jurisdictionally, this means that the court only hears cases on a appeals basis,  and the court is considered a 'court of last resort.'

Justice Building| 625 Marshall Street | Little Rock, AR 72201 | (501) 682-6849 (Clerk)| (501) 682-2147 (Library)

Arkansas Court of Appeals

Established in 1978 Amendment 58 to the Arkansas Constitution and further defined by Legislative Act 208, the Arkansas Court of Appeals was created to relieve the state Supreme Court of it's increasing docket load.  This court hears appeals in both civil and criminal cases.  There are 7 Districts in the state of Arkansas, and cases for these districts are heard by the corresponding judges located at:

625 Marshall Street | Little Rock, AR 72201 | (501) 682-6849

Arkansas Circuit Courts

The current Arkansas Circuit Court structure is defined by Amendment 80 of the Arkansas Constitution and is considered a court of general jurisdiction.  The Arkansas Circuit Courts are assigned to 28 specific territories or circuits within the state and it is divided into 5 main areas and oversees cases regarding criminal, civil, probate, domestic relations, and juvenile law.

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Arkansas District Courts

There are 2 types of District Courts in the state of Arkansas: State and Local.  These are courts of limited Jurisdiction and hear only cases pertaining to misdemeanors and violations local ordinances, preliminary felony cases and certain civil cases (those involving $25,000 or less). There is also a small claims division to resolve contracts and personal property matters of less than $5,000.  There are currently

Online access to court records:

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