Alaska Court Records

There are four levels of courts in the Alaska Court System. All courts in Alaska are state-funded and municipal, or city governments do not maintain separate court systems as some other states do.  Jurisdiction and responsibilities of each level of court are set out in Title 22 of the Alaska Statutes.

The four levels of courts in the Alaska Court System are:

  • District Courts
  • Superior Courts
  • Court of Appeals
  • Supreme Court

The highest level of state court in Alaska is the Supreme court. It hears appeals from lower state courts and also administers the state's judicial system. The chief justice of the Alaska Supreme Court is the administrative head of the Alaska Court System and supervises the administration of all courts in the state.

Trial Courts

Alaska's trial courts are Magistrate, District and Superior Court. (Magistrates preside over certain district court matters in areas of the state where services of a full-time district court judge are not required, and in metropolitan areas to handle routine matters and to ease the workload of the district court.)

Appellate Courts

Alaska's two appellate courts are the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is Alaska's highest level state court.


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