A sex offender is a person who has been convicted of a sex crime.

"The term sexual offender is a broad term, with sexual predator being used to describe a more severe physical or repeat sexual offense. Sexual offenders are also sometimes classified into levels (National Guidelines) where the highest level offenders have the most aggravating crimes and thus, the most risk to the public and usually must register as a sex offender for their entire lives. Low level sexual offenders may serve only a probationary sentence and only register for 10 years as well as having less restrictions placed on them compared to higher level offenders." Wikipedia

An offender is placed on the DPS (Department of Public Safety) web site only upon conviction and release through probation or end of sentence. Also, juvenile or youth offenders and indecent exposure or sexual misconduct offenders will not appear on the DPS site. Community Notification Act § 15-20-21

AllFreeRecords has begun to include lists of registered sex offenders and their address as these are public records. These lists can be found through the Alabama county pages and are only to be used as information on your neighborhood.

To report a registered sex offender who is living too close to a school, daycare, or who is not at the address displayed on the web, contact your local sheriff's office. They will verify the status of the offender and if necessary, remove them.

Putting information online is not mandatory, only a courtesy to the public. The best way to stay informed is to visit the sheriff's office near you or subscribe to a service such as the National Alert Registry which has up-to-date databases and will email you when new offenders are in your area.

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