Alabama Criminal Records: Jails & Prisons

Information on jail / inmate records, addresses and online data if available can also be found on the county pages.

Alabama Jail logs and mugshots are public records! "The sheriff must keep, in his office and subject to the inspection of the public during office hours, a well-bound book, to be procured at the expense of the county, in which he must enter a description of each prisoner received into the county jail, showing the name, age, sex, color and any other distinguishing marks, together with the charge for which such prisoner is held, the order and date of commitment and the order and date of release." Section 36-22-8 of the Code of Alabama.
This also applies to Alabama State Police and City Police.
(Not all law enforcement records are public records. Any record containing sensitive information, such as ongoing criminal investigations, are not made available to the public.)
According to the US Department of Justice, almost half of crimes are
 committed in the criminal’s own neighborhood. The first place to look for an individuals criminal records is in each town and county where the person has lived.

Alabama Inmates:

Alabama Felony Fugitives - Wanted criminal description, crime details, and who to contact if you have information on a fugitive.

Alabama Inmate Escapees - Inmate Picture, Date of Escape, Details

Inmates Executed in Alabama Details from 1927 to 2007.

Alabama Inmates on Death Row - Information included is the AIS (AL Institutional Serial Number), Inmate Name, Sex, Race, Birth Date, Institution, Date of Move to Death Row, Crime Committed, County

Alabama Inmate Search - The Inmate Search contains only currently incarcerated adult inmates. Information returned is the AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial #), Inmate Name, Race, Sex, Birth Date, Current Location, Release Date, Code (for records without release dates such as DR = Death Row, and LW = Life Without Parole).

Alabama Parole Violators - Inmate Picture, Details

Alabama Sex Offenders - Alabama Dept. of Public Safety

Alabama Crime Stoppers - Sheriff's Office Databases
Search by Name or County. Results include sex offenders picture, address, links to detailed description, and crime committed.

ADOC, Work Release, & Work Centers - addresses and telephone numbers.

Writing to Alabama Inmates - what you need to know before you send that letter to an Alabama inmate.

Visiting an Alabama Inmate - what you need to know before you visit family or friends in prison.

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