Lawrence County

General Information

County Seat: Moulton
6 Feb 1818 from former Cherokee Indian land
Named for:
Capt James Lawrence
Neighboring Counties:
Colbert, Lauderdale, Limestone, Morgan, Coleman, Winston, and Franklin Counties

Lawrence County Revenue Commissioner
The Revenue Commissioner is responsible for the assessment of personal and real property and for the collection of taxes levied by the State of Alabama.

Lawrence County Revenue Commissioner
14330 Court Street
Suite 103
Moulton, AL 35650
(256) 974-2501
Fax (256) 974-2430

Lawrence County Property Maps -

Court Records

Lawrence County Records were lost in the 1859 courthouse fire.

Lawrence County Courthouse
P.O. Box 310
Moulton, AL 35650
(256) 974-2440

Lawrence County Clerk of Probate
P.O. Box 307
Moulton, AL 35650
(256) 974-2440

Lawrence County Probate Office
Lawrence Co. Court House
14330 Court Street
Suite 102
Moulton, AL 35650
Phone(256) 974-2440

Lawrence County Circuit Court Clerk
14330 Court Street
Moulton, AL 35650
(256) 974-2432

Genealogy Records

Criminal Records

Lawrence County Sheriffs Office
242 Parker Road
Moulton, Alabama 35650
(256) 974-2405
Lawrence County Registered Sex Offenders

Lawrence County Jail
242 Parker Road
Moulton, AL 35650
(256) 974-2418
Fax (256) 974-2411

Courtland Police Department
PO Box 160
Courtland, AL 35618

Hillsboro Police Department
PO Box 10
Hillsboro, AL 35643

Moulton Police Department
14220 Court Street
Moulton, AL 35650

North Courtland Police Department
PO Box 93
North Courtland, AL 35618

Town Creek Police Department
PO Box 190
Town Creek, AL 35672

Lawrence County Demographics

Lawrence County Profile - US Census Bureau

Source of county historical information:

 History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography by Owen, Thomas McAdory Chicago:  S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1921