Crenshaw County Alabama

Crenshaw County General Information

County Seat: Luverne
Nov 30, 1866 from parts of Butler, Coffee, Covington, Pike and Lowndes Counties
Named for:
Anderson Crenshaw, an early settler of Butler County
Neighboring Counties:
Lowndes, Montgomery, Pine, Coffee, Covington, and Butler Counties

Towns & Cities

Crenshaw County Public Records

Crenshaw County Revenue Commissioner
The Revenue Commissioner is responsible for the assessment of personal and real property and for the collection of taxes levied by the State of Alabama.

Crenshaw County Revenue Commissioner
Luverne, AL 36049
(334) 335-6568 x231
Fax 334-335-3616

Crenshaw County Court Records

Crenshaw County Records were lost in the 1898 courthouse fire.

Crenshaw County Courthouse
P.O. Box 328
Attn: Judge of Probate
Luverne, AL 36049
(334) 335-6568

Crenshaw County Clerk of Probate
P.O. Box 227
Luverne, AL 36049-0227
(334) 335-6569

Crenshaw County Probate Office
Luverne, AL 36049
(334) 335-6568

Crenshaw County Circuit Court Clerk
29 South Glenwood Avenue
Luverne, AL 36049
(334) 335-6575

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Crenshaw County Genealogy Records

Crenshaw County Criminal Records

Crenshaw County Jail / Sheriffs Office
PO Box 22
Luverne, AL 36049-0022
(334) 335-6568
Fax (334) 335-5805
Crenshaw County Registered Sex Offenders

Brantley Police Department
9042 West Emmett Street
Brantley, AL 36009

Dozier Police Department
Post Office Box 216
Dozier, AL 36028

Glenwood Police Department
Post Office Box 217
Glenwood, AL 36034

Luverne Police Department
64 West 6th Street
Luverne, AL 36049

Crenshaw County Demographics

Crenshaw County Profile - US Census Bureau

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