Choctaw County

General Information

County Seat: Butler
Dec 29, 1847 from Sumter and Washington Counties
in the southwestern part of the state
Named for:
the Choctaw Indians
Neighboring Counties:
Sumter, Marengo, Clarke, and Washington Counties, Alabama, Clarke and Wayne Counties, Mississippi

Choctaw County Revenue Commissioner
The Revenue Commissioner is responsible for the assessment of personal and real property and for the collection of taxes levied by the State of Alabama.

Choctaw County Tax Assessor
117 S. Mulberry Ave., Suite 4, Butler, AL 36904

Choctaw County Court Records

Choctaw County Records were lost in the 1859, 1871 courthouse fires.

Choctaw County Courthouse
117 S. Mulberry St., Suite 9
Butler, AL 36904-2557
(205) 459-2417

Choctaw County Probate Office
County Court House
117 South Mulberry Street
Butler, AL 36904

Choctaw County Circuit Court Clerk
117 S. Mulberry St.
Butler, AL 36904
(205) 459-2155

Choctaw County Clerk of Probate
117 S. Mulberry Ave.
Butler, AL 36904
(205) 459-2417

Genealogy Records

Criminal Records

Choctaw County Jail
117 South Mulberry
Suite 11
Choctaw County Courthouse
Butler, AL 36904
(205) 459-3937

Choctaw County Sheriff's Dept.
117 South Mulberry Suite 11
Butler AL 36904
(205) 459-2166
Choctaw County Registered Sex Offenders

Butler Police Department
Post Office Box 114
Butler, AL 36904

Gilbertown Police Department
Post Office Box 152
Gilbertown, AL 36908

Lisman Police Department
Post Office Box 157
Lisman, AL 36912

Pennington Police Department
Post Office Box 40
Pennington, AL 36916

Silas Police Department
Post Office Box 147
Silas, AL 36919

Toxey Police Department
Post Office Box 318
Toxey, AL 36921

Choctaw County Demographics

Choctaw County Profile - US Census Bureau

Source of county historical information:

 History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography by Owen, Thomas McAdory Chicago:  S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1921